We are seeking to appoint a gifted Music Director to lead and creatively develop our music ministry in a way that makes worship meaningful and seeks to bring musicians, singers and the congregation closer to God.

Hours of work: normally 8 hours per week.

Salary: £6,750 - £8,750 depending on skills and experience.

This Sunday morning at our 10:30 Worship service, Bryan Follis will be speaking about ‘Faith over Despair’. This was the planned talk but given the new set of restrictions and sagging morale in the community, this theme is perhaps even more timely.  Bryan wants to look at the story of the woman who had a serious bleeding disorder and for whom, life was very bleak.

On Sunday 15 November we hosted Muddy Church. And given the constant rain, it really was muddy church! Our Rector, thought it would be a great opportunity to have a Family Service outdoors and make use of the beautiful grounds and give focus to God’s creation and environment.  

This Sunday morning our Family Service at 10:30am will take place outside(!).

With this Sunday being Remembrance Sunday, our main morning Service will be at 11:30am rather than the normal 10:30am.  Our  Service is open to all parishioners though you must pre-book your seat. And sadly, only those who have pre-booked- and who are wearing masks - can be admitted to Church.

To book, TEXT the Church Office by lunchtime on Saturday on 07902 238892.

The Rector has increasingly felt the need for us as a Church family to address the whole issue of loss and pain and the hope provided through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So this Sunday evening at 6:30pm, he will be preaching from Psalm 23 at a special Service on the theme of ‘Hope in Loss’.

This Sunday, our Rector, Bryan Follis will be speaking at all three Services (9am, 10:30am and 6:30pm) about the importance of exercising faith in Christ in the face of difficulties and how this can deliver us from fear.  These talks are designed to be practical and provide pastoral insight which can help us overcome a crippling sense of fear.

A big thank you to Mr Mike Farrell for sending us some drone footage that he took of our Church and the surrounding village as one of his hobbies.  Check out the link here 

Despite all the bad news, various closures and social restrictions, we are delighted that our Church is still able to open for Sunday worship! This Sunday, our band will lead the praise at our 10:30 Worship Service.

Tomorrow evening, Wednesday 21 October at 8:00pm is our Hour of Prayer in the Barry Gallery of the Downshire Centre. Face masks must be worn and social distancing guidelines adherred to.