This Sunday at our 9am, 10:30am and 6:30pm services, Bryan Follis will be talking about how Barnabas cared for the Church - The Body of Christ.  Bryan will apply this to us in Hillsborough and outline the priorities we should have in ministry and mission.

With extra leaders and easing of restrictions we are glad to announce that we can invite kids for all four days instead of breaking down into two age groups. This means kids aged 5-10 are welcome every morning Monday to Thursday with parents joining on Friday for food and celebration.

Holiday Bible Club now taking bookings!

We are delighted that Mrs Marjorie Armstrong has reached her 100th birthday.  Marjorie, originally from Co. Fermanagh was thrilled to receive her card from the Queen marking her 100th birthday. 

Our photo shows a very happy Marjorie along with daughter Stella and every blessing to Marjorie at this special time.

This Sunday at our 10:30 Worship Service, Bryan Follis begins a 4 week teaching series on Barnabas. Known as the ‘son of encouragement’, Barnabas is one of those Bible characters who was open-minded to other people, keen to see the Church grow and willing to encourage new people along the way. 

This week, we are having Holy Communion at both our 9am and 10:30am Worship Services conducted by Bryan Follis.  Jonathan Brown will give the address on the theme ‘Faith V No faith’ and he will invite us to consider just where we each stand in relation to trusting Jesus Christ day by day.

Only two days until we stage ‘Less Muddy Church’ in our lovely church grounds and things are looking very good. The weather forecast is for dry weather (!) and we are delighted that we  already have a large number of parishioners booked in. However, because we are outside for all our activities, we still have capacity for some more people and so you are invited to book your place.

This Sunday at both our 9am Holy Communion and 10:30 worship Service, we welcome Joanne Briggs, Director of NI Leprosy Mission who be giving us an update on their work in Nepal. Over the past few years, we have supported their hospital and it will be great to hear about the on-going work they carry out week by week.