This Sunday at our 10:30 Worship Service, we begin a new three week series on our core values as a Church as we consider just what is our Spiritual DNA and what makes us distinctive as a Christian community. Over the next three weeks, Bryan Follis will speak at each Service about each of the core values: Sharing, Growing and Caring.


Using the Lego movie as a theme, what a wonderful Holiday Bible Club last week. 

Games, crafts, songs, memory verses, talks, messy games – and lots and lots of fun! And all while learning about Jesus as the one who loves us and gave himself for us. We’re not sure if it was the kids or the leaders who enjoyed themselves most!

This Sunday at our 9am, 10:30am and 6:30pm services, Bryan Follis will be talking about how Barnabas cared for the Church - The Body of Christ.  Bryan will apply this to us in Hillsborough and outline the priorities we should have in ministry and mission.

With extra leaders and easing of restrictions we are glad to announce that we can invite kids for all four days instead of breaking down into two age groups. This means kids aged 5-10 are welcome every morning Monday to Thursday with parents joining on Friday for food and celebration.

Holiday Bible Club now taking bookings!