Points for Prayer

Bishop David McClay has invited parishioners to join with him in praying for mission & ministry of the diocese in the year ahead.

The Bishop says that our focus is ‘Making strong all that God has given us and calling into existence all that God desires for us.’ So parishioners are asked to pray that:


· All who serve in Select Vestries along with clergy and others in leadership will lean into all that God calls us to be and to become.

· Pray that we prioritise putting our resources, time, talents and finance into reaching many for Christ, and that we faithfully pass on the faith to the next generation.

· Pray for the selection, training and equipping of people for ministry in our churches, the church at large and in society.

· Pray for the health and well-being of clergy and clergy families.

· And pray that God will strengthen, grow and use His Church to His greater glory as many more become disciples of Christ.