Update from Team Malawi

Yesterday we dedicated two new Habitat homes, and celebrated with Iddah and Margret, their families, and the whole village!

It was a great celebration of the partnership between Habitat in Northern Ireland and in Malawi, the village, the families, and Hillsborough Parish Church - through funds raised, work done, prayers prayed, and bricks laid, two homes have been built because of the partnership between people in Northern Ireland and Malawi.

Iddah and Margret both said how overwhelmed and thankful they were. With a new home and a new toilet block, they said all their problems will be gone. They thanked our team and Habitat for Humanity Malawi.

The chief said how thankful Malawians are that we have worked to build new homes to improve people’s lives. He said we have done great work in his village, but hopes we keep working and keep building.

We hope stories from Malawi will inspire people to consider supporting Habitat for Humanity - because they will keep building each and every day, until everyone has a decent place to live.