Down and Dromore Bible Week

Bible Week Tuesday 1st - Friday 4th September in St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast
I really want to encourage you to get along to one or several of these nights.  The speaker, Peter Lynas, is a superb communicator of God’s word and will be speaking on the theme of ‘Don’t miss this moment’ from the book of Colossians (see this link for a taster).  The worship will be led by James and Elise Turner and the evenings hosted by bishop David McClay.
Please consider coming along, especially to the opening night, and bring a friend or two with you.  The Cathedral holds up to 190 and you’ll have to sit 2m away from others but that’s not too bad a hardship!
Because of Covid tracing everyone has to register for (free) places, but it’s a short process at this link.