Burial of remains at Hillsborough Castle

An archaeological excavation was carried out at Hillsborough Castle, 27th July - 6th August 2016. The project was centred on an archaeological excavation in the Castle gardens (officially known as ‘The Small Park’), at the end of the Moss Walk and near the Cromlyn ruin. Trenches were opened and excavated within the area of the believed location of the Medieval church of Crumlin. The excavation was led by professional archaeologists with the majority of the excavation work being carried out by local volunteers. The orientation of the remains (east/west) would lead to the understanding that the burial had been Christian.  On Wednesday, 20th 2018 at the invitation of Historical Royal Palaces,  our Pastoral Associate Lynn McFarland joined Revd Dr Allen Sleith & Very Revd Father Dermot McCaughan in a short service to consecrate the ground and re-bury the skeletal remains.  Also in attendance were staff from Historic Royal Palaces & archeologists involved. There was time to be treated to a visit to the walled garden.