Final Update from Bryan's Trip to Egypt

The 3 man team from Hillsborough Parish Church and Drumbeg Parish Church are coming to the end of their visit with our Partners in the Diocese of Egypt. They’ve had a wonderful few days of both fellowship and ministry to the Diocesan clergy at their annual retreat in Anaphora, just outside of Cairo. Between them they have delivered 9 sessions on Church History, Sermon crafting and Mission to Bishops, clergy and lay readers from across the entire Diocese. Nigel writes, “The Church in Egypt faces many challenges but having a great group of men and women serving within it, is having an overwhelming impact”. Pray that this visit by Rev Bryan Follis, Rev Willie Nixon and Nigel Quinn will have been a blessing and source of mutual encouragement! Pray for Rev Willie as he preaches tomorrow afternoon at the Sudanese congregation in the Cathedral. Safe journey home