This Sunday at 10:30am, we have our Family Service with all-age worship.

Don't forget to call in tomorrow between 3-5 in the hall at the gate for a yummy panini! Everyone very welcome. Just £2 for a drink and panini.

This Sunday at our 10:30 Worship Service, Bryan Follis will talk about finding hope through God when life is tough. We all go through seasons in life when things are very difficult: it might be a family matter, health concern, or challenges in business.

This Sunday Jonathan Brown will be leading and speaking at our 10:30 Worship Service.  To kick start our new series on Jonah, we will ask the question “Who would save their enemies?”  Sunday School, creche and Youth Church during the Service. 

This Sunday at 10:30am, we have our Worship Service as normal until 10:50am when we will adjourn until 11:00am for our Annual General Vestry Meeting.

On Wednesday at 8:00pm we are delighted to have a Praise Service.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and at our 10:30 Worship Service, Jonathan Brown will be talking about the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Many cheered His entry but then didn’t want Him as Lord and quickly deserted Him. Jonathan will explain how we should welcome Jesus and also live to His glory.

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