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Sunday 26th Jan 2020 - Morning Worship

Todays reading is from Psalm 42 & 43 and is read by Colin. Bryan then opens this passage up to us in a sermon titled 'Forsaken and Depressed' leaving us with 3 key points:

1. Your depression is not unique

2. Your depression is not a sin

3. Your deperssion is not permanent

Our prayers iof intercession this morning and led by Jenny.

Sunday 19th Jan 2020

Our reading today is given by Jonathan. Bryan then opens up the reading to us in todays sermon. The prayers of intercession are led by Penny.

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12th January - Family Service Prayers

Prayers from the 10:30am family service, led by the Markwell family.

12th January - Family Service

Frank's talk on prayer. (Luke 11:1-10)

Sunday 29th December - Morning Worship

Rev Jonathan Brown's Sermon from the Sunday morning service - "God's Sovreign Care"

Sunday 8th December - Morning Worship

'A light has dawned', Rev Jonathan Brown's sermon on Luke 2:11 & Isaiah 9:2-7

Sunday 1st December - Morning Worship (Update on SAMS)

This morning we get an update on the work of SAMS. A mission supported by the church.

Sunday 24th November - Morning Worship

"Only one way?" - Bryan Follis' sermon on John 14:1-7 & 27