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Sunday 11th August - Reading & Sermon

Isaiah 1:1,10-20, read by Zoe McCartney, and todays sermon, by Matt Flenley.

Sunday 28th June - Sermon

Anna Williams' sermon on Luke 11:1-13, Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer.

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Sunday 2nd June 2019 - Morning Worship

Anna Williams opens up Gods word from the Acts to us

Sunday 16th May - Karen Webb from North Belfast Centre of Mission

Karen Webb of the North Belfast Centre of Mission explains the Church Army's activities, including Baby Basics & Transforming Lives for Good, you can read their newsletter here: https://churcharmy.org/Publisher/File.aspx?ID=209487

Sunday 19th May - Family Prayers

Fmaily Prayers led by the McCarthy family.

Sunday 19th May - Family Service Sermon

Frank Dillon's talk at 10:30am family service, based on John 3:16-17.

Sunday 12th May - Morning Sermon

Rev. Bryan Follis' Sermon - "Bless and be blessed", reflections on Luke 24:45-53 & the vision for the Sexon's House & the Magennis Room as a gateway to community engagement & compassion.

Sunday 14th April 2019 - Morning Prayers

Dave Brown's leads the prayers of intercession.